Leaving on A Jet Plane

Well ladies and gentlemen,

First of all, let me apologize for not updating this in so long. Unfortunately I am not the world’s best with technology but thanks to Ms. Joanie Oben(you’re a lifesaver sista!) we are now back in business!! 

This summer has flown by from moving home, to attending Grand Convention, working at Patton Pool, and finally moving to Executive Office for training. I can’t believe it is over!

I have met so many people and made some incredible memories! A special shout out to my Patton Guards for making it so easy for me to return to the pool after being gone for a few summers, I love y’all and you better keep me updated on your adventures over the next year!

In June I flew to Dallas, Texas for Alpha Delta Pi’s Grand Convention where I finally meet my 2013-2014 LC sisters.  This group of young women are absolutely incredible! It is an honor to be serving along side them for the next year!

2013-2014 Leadership Consultants

2013-2014 Leadership Consultants

We have spent the last three weeks living together at Executive Office in Atlanta, Georgia training and preparing for our time on the road. Together we have celebrated two birthday, spend countless hours in the training room, laughed, and cried. It is hard to be believe we were strangers such a short time ago.  They have stolen a piece of my heart already and I am so excited to see what memories we create during our adventures together this year!

On Monday I will be getting on a plane and heading to my first chapter visit at the University of Kansas. I am so excited to meet the sisters of the Tau chapter and spend time with them as they prepare for formal recruitment!

To my friends and family, I love you all very much and will do my best to stay in contact as much as I can. However, due to the nature of my job, please accept my apology in advance if I miss your birthday, a new job announcement, or forget to return a phone call or two. Please do not think this means I don’t care! I promise to get back to you as soon as I can and share in your joy! I hope you enjoy following along with my journey from the comfort of wherever you may be!

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“De Nile”

“Sometimes reality has a way of sneaking up and biting us. And when the dam bursts, all you can do is swim. The world of pretend is a cage, not a cocoon. We can only lie to ourselves for so long. We are tired, we are scared, denying it doesn’t change the truth. Sooner or later we have to put aside our denial and face the world. Head on, guns blazing. De Nile. It’s not just a river in Egypt, it’s a freakin’ ocean. So how do you keep from drowning in it?”
~Meredith Grey

     I have always loved Grey’s Anatomy, its one of my favorite shows, and have often told my friends its has a quote appropriate for every moment in life. Well folks that has never been more true than right now because I have been in “De Nile”! But with graduation less than 48 hours away I can deny things no more, my days in Wilmington are numbered and with that realization has come a flood of emotions. So many that I have even stopped packing (sorry Mom!) because I just can’t bear to take my favorite ADPi memorabilia off the walls yet!

    For the last four years I have spent more time away from my family than I did with them. In my time away I have learned so many things, like how to make Ramen noodles in the microwave, that a joke is as good or better than band-aid when a small child scrapes their leg on the floating docks, that sleepless nights can bring the best memories and strengthen any friendship.  But now as I prepare to spend an incredible summer back at home with my family, I once again face leaving family behind. My Eta Alpha sisters, my friends, and colleagues they have become my family too! They have stood behind me through countless challenges, held my hand as tears fell, and jumped for joy with me in celebration. In short they have changed my life for the better!  

    In high school I didn’t quite understand why so many adults called graduation “commencement.” I mean whats the big deal about a word?! Today I think I understand it at least a little bit. The phrase graduation makes the event seem that the end all be all, a plateau to be reached with nowhere else to go. Now don’t get me wrong graduation is a crowning jewel I am quite proud of and I am sad to know it means college has come to an end, but this is only the beginning of so many things!

    In a little over a month I will spend an amazing week in Dallas, TX at Alpha Delta Pi Grand Convention. Not to mention I will finally meet other nine other women who will be serving as Leadership Consultants with me for the next year! Together we will embark on the most incredible journey of my life, one that I am sure will leaving me with all kinds of mixed emotions again at this time next year. So here’s to the beginning of a new adventure and to those I will call family at the end of it!

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Let the Countdown Begin

Over the past few weeks I have started to experience some of my senior lasts at UNCW. Most recently was my last formal with my ADPi sisters and the always emotional senior send off. I have been so blessed to have had these women in my life for the last four years they mean the world to me! I  am thrilled my ADPi journey is not over, but the women of Eta Alpha will always have a special place in my heart! Its hard to believe in just about three weeks I’ll make my way back to the mountains for one last summer before jet setting across the country!! Now I wish I had the words to describe just how incredible these events were, but lately words have been escaping me lately. So instead let me share a few of my favorite photos that have captured the magic of these events. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! 


  With some of my beautiful sisters before Black Diamond Ball! 

ImageKimmie and I can always be found near each other at events having a blast!




Thomas and I killing it on the dance floor, best date ever!

ImageCalyn and I taking our classic photo for the last two years <>


Senior Send Off

ImageSome of the seniors!

ImageGiving away some my ADPi stuff



I have such pretty sisters!


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Time Keeps Ticking Away

Time is a concept beyond me, but a concept that has always intrigued me. There are days when the seconds seem to creep by and we wish nothing more than for time to sped up. There are also weeks and months that seem to fly by in the blink of an eye and we wish it would slow down. Being a senior with post graduation plans that require leaving the places I call home has made me more sensitive to the passing of time than normal.  I feel like there is not even a moment to waste! There are so many things I want to do and so many people I want to spend time with before I leave! So I woke up today with the intention of being intentional in the my use of time left here in Wilmington.

Today was the first pretty spring day Wilmington has truly seen and I have tried to get everything out if I could. Sunshine, a positive attitude, and a cup of coffee and off I went. Attending Port City Community Church this morning was a wonderful way to start the day!  I followed that with a great lunch at one my favorite local restaurants Islands with a dear friend, an afternoon soaking up the sun at the pool, and now I plan to wrap up this wonderful day by watching the ACMs. :)  Its days like today that remind me how blessed I am to have had the opportunity to attend UNCW and meet all the people I have over the last few years.  To each of your reading this who I have shared even a moment with thank you! Whether it was passing each other on Chancellor’s walk daily or a late night heart to heart I will cherish every one of them.

I am so excited to events the next few week will bring, my last formal with my sisters and best friends, countless beach memories, graduation!  But instead of counting them down, I am going to challenge myself to make all the memories they bring count! 

And since I’ve been talking about time I’d also like to give a special shout out. A year ago today my older sister married the love of her life! That magical day seems like it was just yesterday and I am so grateful to have been a part of it.  Congrats Jules and Ry may you have many more years filled with love and laughter together!Diamonds are Forever

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A New Adventure

     Well the day I never thought would come is here, the day I start a blog for the world to see. Now for those of you who have known me for a while you realize what a big deal this is and some of you even know what convinced me to do this.  

    You see I have been blessed to be selected to serve as a 2013-2014 Leadership Consultant for Alpha Delta Pi! I cannot believe I am lucky enough to give back to this incredible organization that means so much to me. It seems like a lifetime ago that I submitted my application. Back in December this opportunity was just a dream and now its a wonderful reality. 

  So in 10 short weeks I will farewell to UNC Wilmington and the beautiful town of Wilmington, NC I have called home for the last four years (sorry Mom). It will be a bittersweet see you later (I HATE goodbyes) to my sisters and friends who have become family, but I know we will cherish the moments we have left together and make ever second count. 

    I don’t know what adventures this new journey will take me on, but I know being outside my “southern comfort zone” will definitely challenge me and help me grow! I can’t wait to share part of this experience with y’all! Now I can’t promise to update this everyday but will do my best to keep it as current as possible and at least give y’all the highlight reel worthy version :)



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